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As the home of computer experts we are ready to deliver knowledge to people all over Zimbabwe. We deliver the best services in Zimbabwe at an affordable price. A lifetime opportunity, which is the best among the rest. Experts from different fields are there to help you out work your course.

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We are a leader in Information Systems Auditing, Security and Forensic and Analytics Consulting.

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Ensuring e-intelligence and assuring data indemnity, integrity and security.

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Everything we do and offer is geared towards helping you get the right I.T solutions in the fastest possible time with the least amount of effort on your part. The products and services we offer provide intelligent and prompt solutions to small, medium and large organisations in all major industries.

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E-byte's Team is made up of carefully handpicked, highly competent and seasoned Information System Auditors, Information Security Experts, Computer Forensics Examiners, Data Analysts, Engineers, Consultants, Researchers and Instructors with in-depth expertise. Our Instructors and Consultants teach and speak at various security events, have notable Certifications, and are affiliated with different security firms.

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